Job Location:
Kuala Lumpur – RedQ

Job Description

Primary Activities:

Take charge of Business Processes and Configurations for the following:

Modules – Talent, Compensation/Adv Comp, Performance

Features – Skills Cloud, Discovery boards, WD Docs

  • You'll be the go-to person for all things Workday! Let your creative juices flow as you configure Workday to meet customer requirements. It's like building your very own Workday wonderland!
  • Engage with stakeholders, understand their needs, and present brilliant solutions leaving them in awe!
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest Workday release updates and lead the charge in driving feature adoption. Be the trendsetter in the world of Workday!
  • Seek opportunities for continuous improvement and wow everyone with your process optimization skills.
  • Test, test, test! Put those business processes and Workday configurations through their paces to ensure smooth sailing.

General Requirements:

  • You have proven track record with at least 3-4 successful Workday implementation projects. You're a seasoned pro!
  • Minimum of 8-9 years of experience (with at least 6 of those years dedicated to Workday). You've honed your skills to perfection!
  • Relevant certifications that showcase your expertise and dedication. Embrace your inner data guru with strong analytical skills and proficiency in reporting tools like pivot tables. You'll make numbers dance!
  • Blow minds with your captivating presentation skills and create eye-catching infographic PowerPoint materials.
  • Be an independent powerhouse who thrives when given the freedom to excel.