Job Location:

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Job Description Summary

Assists the Cash Management Manager in all job duties including collecting university receipts and maintaining the records of the Cashiering Office.  Deposits all receipts and reconciles all cash, check, and credit card payments. 

Be heavily involved with the integrations between Workday Student, Finance, and Cashiering. This area of integration will require technical Information Technology skills that are yet undefined but will include system implementation of operating skills.  This position requires being dependable, honest, consistent in attendance and able to keep information confidential.

Primary Responsibilities

(80%) Collection of Payments & Deposits

  • Open office and prepare cash boxes each morning
  • Accepts all university receipts at the cashier’s office
  • Records payments to the correct student or department accounts
  • Balance the vault with proficiency and accuracy
  • Prepare deposit of cash and checks and be available for pickup of the daily deposit through the armored car services
  • Order Change fund from Bank of Hawaii at the close of each day, when needed
  • Communicate well under pressure and provide excellent customer service
  • Issue Department Change Fund and Petty Cash requests
  • Issue Cash Reimbursement Vouchers to departments
  • Pay and record cash reimbursement vouchers
  • Monitor department deposits
  • Process Mail Log to correct accounts each day and return receipts to GL
  • Process returned checks from Bank of Hawaii
  • Ensure departments are following proper procedures when making deposits
  • Resolves customer complaints professionally
  • Ensures that proper cash handling controls are in place and followed
  • Make sure all unprocessed work is completed and receipts forwarded to the correct place
  • Majority of processes listed above are performed on computing systems, so basic knowledge of computing systems is required

(20%) Student Cashiers and Other Initiatives

  • Assists with developing a training program to ensure student cashiers properly record payments received
  • Supervises student cashiers
  • Prepare the work schedule for student cashiers each semester
  • Maintain and organize all cashier files for storage, scanning, and daily use
  • Assists Cash Management Manager with journal entries and reconciliation of cash accounts
  • Acquainted with computing systems to assist with integrations between Workday Student, Finance, and Cashiering and coordinate closely with our Accounts Receivable staff.
  • Performs other tasks as assigned by manager.


Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or business-related field preferred.

Work Experience

Cashiering experience preferred. Basic knowledge of computing systems required.

Skill Set

Experience with Workday is preferred. Good customer service skills. Must be detail-oriented and a team player. Ability to respond to common inquiries or complaints from customers, regulatory agencies, or members of the business community. Ability to apply concepts such as fractions, percentages, ratios, and proportions to practical situations.  Ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions. Ability to perform transactional research for cashiering in a timely manner.  Some supervisory experience preferred.

Physical Demands

Normal air-conditioned office environment conditions. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of the position.

Training & Evaluations

The employee is required to attend all training that is mandated/approved by manager. In addition, the employee is expected to meet with the manager for the annual performance evaluation.

Problems & Challenges

Must have the ability to work under pressure and perform work within deadlines. Ability to adhere to the university codes of conduct, confidentiality, and customer service. Enforces university cash policies & procedures throughout university departments. Works with departments to encourage and assist them in completing necessary documentation & deposits.

* More information may be requested as you progress through the recruiting process.