Job Location:
Manila (One Ayala Tower 2)

  • Will be in-charge to oversee operational requirement and management of Workday Reporting, Expenses and Travel Team
  • Primary responsibility is to facilitate, support and motivate your CLT members in your Circle
  • Effectively facilitate the transition of your Circle to the One Agile Way of Working
  • Formulate a clear purpose for your Circle based on the client and product strategy (and changing) market conditions; play a crucial role in setting priorities at a Circle level
  • Create, together with the Agile Coaches, high–performing teams and remove impediments; stimulates interaction between people within and outside your domain
  • Accountable for executing risk & control compliance and mitigation of business and operational risks; ensures regulatory compliance across your entire Circle
  • Maintains contacts with stakeholders.
  • Responsible for alignment with other CLTs and Squads within the product area
  • Responsible for Continuous Improvement of processes and administration within your Circle with the goal of limiting internal hand-overs
  • Accountable for developing the expertise of the CLTs as a whole and the personal development of the individual CLT members
  • Ensures that the teams in your Circle are doing the right things i.e. are competent and capable and focus on the right priorities in order to achieve their goals
  • Strengthen the ING One Agile Way of Working as a role model while safeguarding the Orange Code
  • You determine – in consultation with the Super Circle Lead – the team structure of your Circle: the CLTs
  • Hierarchical Lead of each Circle that has between 20-55 members (either multi – skilled or homogenous)