Job Location:

• Job Architecture & Pay Range Governance – a. responsible for shell file creation for per country QA check file which includes processes such as Country Average, Country Headcount, Blended Rate, Function Average Rate, JFG Average, Delta in Base Pay Grade sheet, Bucket Category tagging, Treatment category tagging, Primary Grade tagging, Secondary Grade tagging, b. Geo Location updates in coordination with Workday maintenance team, c. Job Architecture change request via webstar – responsible for filing requests via webstar and coordination with respective teams, responsible for conducting quality assurance check which includes testing and counter checking data before approval to post in live production, d. Job Change requests from divisions – responsible for handling requests and providing data needed by divisional heads across all RELX, e. Comparative ratio analysis – responsible for data analysis and data comparison to provide pertinent necessary data for respective managers, compensation heads and/or divisional heads – also responsible for Data review for salary grade, salary pay adjustment raise and/or lower level adjustments which managers can utilize to review promotion or demotion activities, f. also responsible for conducting routine data audits with divisions, and working with HRIS to correct and or update data, g. release sales incentive data, AIP proposal data, IC Market data, Wage data, Job level specific data, etc as response to queries and requests from people leaders which they were able to utilize in their departments and divisions
• Automate pay range maintenance (Payfactors) – Serving as administrators and owners on the pay factors tool, check and ensure that data loaded in Payfactors are up to date and precise as to survey market data results that came from third party vendors. Extract data from Payfactors and counter check data regression with market data results. Coordinates with account managers in terms of data discrepancy.
• Pay Gap Administration (UK & other) – a. facilitate payroll / workday data audits and investigations, b. Partnering with divisional rewards to validate / sign off on data, c. Populate appropriate internal templates on GPG by division and overall RELX, d. Leverage Syndio tool where possible on GPG data and findings, e. Assist RELX and divisional pay equity work including loading data and auditing for data accuracy
• Reward Dashboard – give feedback and check data published if aligned with rewards data
• Market Data Survey Maintenance, Coordination, Participation, Communication – Main point of contact for third party vendors such as Willis Towers Watson and Aeon Radford. Responsible for providing, maintaining, cleaning market data submission to third vendors, even involve in high end meetings with them to understand market data analytics
• Global Payroll Contact List maintenance – responsible for obtaining the point of contact for payroll per country and per division. Ensure that the individual is still the payroll contact by maintaining the list on a bi-annual basis. Emails needs to be sent out to document change and updates in payroll contacts. Payroll cut off dates were also maintained and obtained every March of each year.
• Living Wage Data Analytics – responsible for reviewing compensation data either annual or hourly rates and aligning to on the living wage grid. If there are employees who don’t line up with one of the locations, there’s a need to understand why, and either link them to one of the locations, and/or ask the consultant to provide us new data points – Total Base Pay review so we can see the actual salary that the individuals are earning, not just our attempt at annualizing them. Hourly Amount to make sure comparing hourly rates in our system versus living wage acceptable hourly amount are within range, add buckets indicating which employees have hourly rates above / below the living wage in the area and have Total base pay rates above / below the living wage in the area and have annualized pay above / below the living wage in the area.

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