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Weymouth, MA

If you are an existing employee of South Shore Health then please apply through the internal career site.

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LOC0001 – 55 Fogg Road55 Fogg Road
Weymouth, MA 02190

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SSH Recruitment


Full time

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Day (United States of America)

Under the direction of the Director Talent Acquisition, the Talent Acquistion Partner supports and develops relationships with clinical leadership. We have a stellar, highly engaged Nurse Recruitment team that has delivered excellent results. The ideal candidate will possess outstanding sourcing and pipeline management skills, superlative communication and organizational skills, the ability to build relationships and establish credibility with both leaders and candidates. You must be self motivated, tech-savvy, competitive, and driven to succeed in order to be successful in this environment. Proficient in all of the typical recruitment tools, basic ability to use excel to present data in a logical fashion required. Prior experience with Workday helpful, not required.


1. Recruitment : Sets recruitment strategy and establishes on–going proactive recruitment plans independently in a timely fashion. In accordance with HR policy, ensures recruitment needs are met by the timely interviewing and filling of positions with qualified internal and external candidates who possess the strategic skills and competencies needed to contribute to South Shore Health's success. This will be accomplished by:
a. Creative, proactive sourcing and recruitment of qualified applicants inclusive but not limited to web-based applicant tools, job fairs, Open Houses, community agencies, specialty trade organizations, educational institutions, networking, group associations, etc.
b. Understands and maximizes technological capabilities which will improve the timeliness of the recruitment and hiring process and improve the record keeping of employee files.
c. Developing/nurturing expert knowledge of business and specific unit functions, HR policies/practices, applicable legal and technical issues, and specific market driven issues.
d. Ongoing timely and effective two–way communication with customers (managers. applicants, colleagues, etc.)
e. Prioritizes and fills on a timely basis open positions with line managers.
f. Develops proactively pools of applicants for specialized, “hard to fill” positions.
g. Continues to demonstrate value of partnership with line manager and possesses knowledge of daily operations of areas assigned and it's impact on HR.
h. Knowledge of Position Control/budget process and can assist manager if necessary.

2. Recruitment/ Documentation:

a. Interview Comment Sheet : Reviewed for appropriateness and obtained on a timely basis . Any questions/ concerns with the content of the comment sheet and/or receipt of one are discussed with the department manager. Continued problems are reviewed with the Director.
b. Reference Checking: Reference questions are tailored to particulars of the job and are initiated within one (1) day of when hiring manager indicates interest in hiring candidate. At least two (2) professional references are obtained on candidate of choice and questionable references are discussed and reviewed with the Director when necessary.
c. Employment Offer: Offers to candidates with references are made within one (1) day of being notified by manager to make offer. No employment offer should take longer than three (3) days from when manager indicated interest in hiring. On rare occasions if liaison is having difficulty obtaining information, a two (2) day extension can be utilized to obtain or return follow – up calls and needed information and or complete written reference information
d. Verbal Instructions: At the time of verbal job offer, liaison instructs newly hired employee as to the process to obtain tentative clear–in, physical orientation and training dates. Assists candidate with clear-in process if necessary. Prior to hire, confirms that all dates and requirements for pre -employment activity have been met.
e. Hire/ Confirmation Document: Prepares specific details of offer letter and forwards to assigned HR assistant to include benefits /enrollment information, orientation information and specific dates as needed in a timely fashion.
f. Skills / Certification Verification: Obtains required skills and certifications necessary from newly hired applicant to fulfill the role. Serves as a resource for managers and or staff for the skills / certification database by handling and or troubleshooting for inquiries regarding missing, editing or adding information.
g. Rejection letters: Internal candidates that interviewed and were not selected for positions are notified verbally and or in writing within one to two (1-2) business days of offer being extended. When possible, verbal calls should be extended to internal and external candidates followed by a written letter to confirm conversation. External candidates are notified of rejection within three to five( 3- 5) business days.

3. Recruitment/ Compliance: Upholds/imparts compliance regulations, and is responsible for assuring federal, state and Hospital policy compliance for all Human Resources related areas including JCAHO, DPH, OIG, CORI background checks ,and other MA and /or national license and certification requirements.

a. When regulatory agency visits hospital, liaison is an integral member of the audit process and readily participates in employee folder audit
b. Is self-motivated and directed in reviewing, research and obtaining audit material.
c. Seeks out and is resourceful in finding out information needed for compliance or in response to questions.
d. Is expert on technological resources available to provide information requested in a moment's notice.
e. In compliance with HR Policy, prior to start date of employees and/or contractors, HR liaisons obtains, monitors and or reviews all hiring information for new hires and or contractors: i.e. CORI background checks (HCD), pre- employment screening, OIG, license/certifications etc.

4. Education/ Knowledge: Educates staff/ leaders on Hiring Process & Recruitment trends. Imparts and shares knowledge on hospital industry with community, students, etc. as evidenced by:

a. Actively participates in the development and preparation of classroom presentation: How To Conduct An Effective Interview, Peer and Behavioral Interview Training, and Leadership Behavioral Interview Workshop.
b. Is an active participant in the Weymouth Highschool Program and surrounding high school communities in the development and/ or education of health care careers.
c. Partners & engages with hospital and high school leaders to coordinate healthcare programs that will educate and secure a workforce for the future
d. Functions as a resource for Hiring Manager, Job Requisition and Applicant Tracking Portal. Assists and trains new managers in navigating through the Position Manager system.
e. Interacts effectively with the employment team and participates with ideas and suggestions to improve presentation
f. Is creative and open minded in the development of classroom material.
g. Voluntarily signs up to teach material & works collaboratively with team member to assume responsibility for all facets of presentation: i.e.: computer, handouts, sign-up sheets, certifications, etc.
h. When presenting presentation to audience is engaging, knowledgeable and encourages participation. Instills confidence and knowledge in the material presented.

5. Working Relationships / Service : Maintains positive workplace relationships with HR colleagues, leadership and employees of SSH.
a. Provides daily guidance and advice to managers/ leaders in departments on a variety of HR issues/projects.
b. Works as a business partner with managers in departments and attends staff meetings when invited.
c. Works well with colleagues in HR Employment group and HR Department. Offers to help out when needed.
d. Works well within employment teams and helps team liaisons and or fills in as necessary.
e. Makes him /herself available to staff when they visit HR with questions If not possible to act as a resource right away then follows up within one day of request.

6. Current Working Knowledge: Keeps up-to-date on SSH HR and/ industry trends

a. Attends conferences as approved by Employment Manager, networks with specialized search firms, visit schools, expands knowledge to proactively source and prepare for the future workforce.
b. Enrolls in cost effective Webinar presentations to encourage up to date working knowledge.
c. Keeps abreast in any changes and or updates in Labor Law.
d. Knowledgeable and up to date on HR policies and procedures.

7. Compensation : Creates, extends and/or monitors hiring/transferring salary determinations.

a. New hire salaries are calculated based on experience and SSH&EC hiring guidelines. Equity within department and within SSH is reviewed to ensure consistent hiring practice. If equity/recruitment issues exist, recommendations for out-of-policy new hire salaries are proactively reviewed with Compensation Specialist and Recruitment Manager.
b. Candidates' salary requirements are received during interview and salary work-ups begin when a strong candidate is evident, allowing offers to be made within one (1) business day of Manager's request.
c. Transfer salaries are calculated within SSH&EC guidelines, preserving internal equity. Recommendations for salaries outside of these guidelines are always reviewed with Compensation Specialist and department manager.
d. Recommendations and equity issues are thoroughly researched and thought out in conjunction with the Compensation Specialist.
e. Documentation of salaries, equity issues researched, etc., are kept on file and easily accessible by the Compensation Specialist.

9. New Manager & Employee Orientation

a. Trains newly hired managers on the Position Manager tool. Trouble shoots questions on log ins, passwords and assists managers if help needed on creating new requisitions. Provides ongoing assistance to managers as they navigate through the steps of the Position Manager tool.
b. Ensures attendance at new employee orientation and promotes participation in the HR leadership training.
c. Monitors employees who have not attended required HR orientation and or HR education. Notifies Manager and/or Director of employees failing to attend.
d. After leader has attended the general HR leadership training for new leaders, the assigned HR Liaison will follow up with the new leader to discuss any active HR issues specific to their areas, discuss past and current Human Resources practices and learn/or educate manager on how the HR liaison / manager partnership has worked in the past and collaboration for the future.

10. Quality/ Creativity: Regularly evaluates the quality of services provided and recommends changes to Employment Manager when appropriate.

a. Regularly audits systems and recommends system changes to department manager.
b. Handles complaints in a service excellence manner regarding daily operations and makes recommendations to department manager to improve operations
c. Provides out of the box ideas and suggestions to keep recruitment activity current and creative in all it's practices.
d. Is a proactive thinker and finds ways to improve HR process when deemed necessary.

12. HR Goals & Objectives :
a. Assists department manager, HR Director and Vice President in developing goals and objectives for the Department when required.
b. Participates in HR meetings and projects.

13. Policies and Procedures: Follows all organization and department or unit policies and procedures. Consistently advises employees and managers on proper HR policies and procedures. Assists the Director of HR in revising HR policies and procedures to reflect current legislation, practice, etc., and creating new policies where appropriate.

a. Gives appropriate interpretations of policies and procedures as evidenced by feedback from employees/managers.
b. Makes recommendations for changes to policies when problems are consistent or legislature changes.
c. Consistently applies all HR department policies and procedures

14. Finance: Is responsible for the fiscal health of department; assures proper utilization of organization’s financial resources.

a. Effectively utilizes resources within established budget; notifies manager of all variances anticipated, or occurred, to maintain department services.
b. Adheres to procedures regarding acquisition of, and payment for, goods and services, as evidenced by appropriate and timely processing requisitions and invoices.
c. Recommends way to reduce expenditures and/or enhance revenues without compromising quality of services.

15. Communication: Effectively communicates departmental, organization and industry information to staff.

a. Attends organization’s informational meetings, as evidenced by attendance sheets.
b. Gathers, interprets, and delivers information to staff in a timely fashion.
c. Assures staff understands information as evidenced by staff compliance with, and participation in, hospital programs, seminars, training and related activities.
d. Uses hospital communications resources to inform internal and external audiences of departmental news/achievements/policies.

16. Safety Awareness – Fosters a “Culture of Safety” through personal ownership and commitment to a safe environment.

a. Understands individual roles/responsibilities during emergency situations (ex., fire drill, electrical blackout, etc.).
b. Utilizes proper body mechanics when performing all aspects of job.
c. Operates office equipment safely.
d. Maintains a neat, organized work environment.
e. Participates in all drills, disaster codes as deemed necessary

17. Technology – Embraces technological solutions to work processes and practices.

a. Demonstrates proficiency and competency in internal and external technology.
b. Utilizes and is proficient with department specific software/systems as assigned.
c. Demonstrates proficiency and utilization of the Microsoft suite of office products including word, excel, and power point.
d. Utilizes information systems, telecommunication services and office machines as instructed, including phones, email, paging systems, fax machines and copiers.
e. Independently will learn and educate his/ herself on any new technological advances made in HR. Will ask for help if needed so he/ she can become expert in new technology.


Minimum Education Preferred

Bachelors Degree in Human Resources or related field, or equivalent experience.

Minimum Work Experience

At least five years demonstrated success in acute care nurse recruitment.

Required additional Knowledge, and Abilities

Proven project management, independent/ thinking and training skills required. Ability to interface / communicate effectively with all levels of staff. Demonstrates creativity, motivation, ability to think out of box, proactive conflict resolution skills coupled with excellent interpersonal skills. Must be a role model for SSH's commitment to a culture of service excellence.

Full Time, Hybrid role. Requires some weekly onsite presence and ability to attend local job fairs and related SSH events.

Responsibilities if Required:

Education if Required:

License/Registration/Certification Requirements: