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Job Responsibilities:

The Financial Systems Analyst is responsible for the definition and communication of financial requirements for the company’s systems that provide or report on financial information. and for ensuring the performance of systems against those requirements to assure consistent and reliable financial data. This includes ensuring adequate internal controls and data security over the capture or generation of transaction information and the processing of that information, including interfaces between systems. This is accomplished by coordinating across multiple financial functions to develop and refine requirements, assess system performance, coordinate user acceptance testing, and coordinate with both internal IT departments and external IT contractors to effectively communicate between them and the CFO Organization. This position reports to the Financial Systems Manager.


  • Coordinate identification of financial system requirements, including improved reporting and usability, and planning and user acceptance testing of financial system enhancements. Coordinate enhancements of financial tools and technology in partnership with IT systems teams.
  • Coordinate financial data from systems outside of the Workday financial system resolving both errors and their root causes, user maintenance of financial systems (such as ledger accounts, periods, cost centers, etc.), and integrating acquired companies and their financial systems.
  • Ensure effective financial controls as it relates to financial systems and processes, including the Workday Financial Software, Adaptive Planning Software, and other software providing financial information to those systems.
  • Coordinate and participate in initiatives/implementations that involve systems which affect financial data and reporting.
  • Coordinate and assist in training on systems that involve financial processes.
  • Liaison between IT and the CFO organization.
  • Workday Financial Software
  • Work with financial leadership and accounting staff to effectively determine needs, define business requirements, and improve functionality and usage of financial systems. This includes identifying areas of significant manual effort that could be mitigated with revised account coding configuration and usage, improved usage of functionality capabilities, and improved reporting.
  • Facilitate and coordinate financial leadership prioritization of improvements, effectively communicate the improvements and prioritization to the IT department and maintain an improvement roadmap.
  • Facilitate accurate IT requirements definition, finance user-acceptance testing, and coordinate support of software development and configuration by obtaining relevant accounting and reporting subject matter expert involvement as needed.
  • Service Delivery Software and Other Systems that Interface with Financial Software
  • Work with finance department stakeholders to prioritize Workday and Adaptive Financial Software system interface automation with accurate, complete and timely information from and to other systems
  • Facilitate effective involvement by relevant finance subject matter experts in IT systems requirements definition and coordinate support of software development, configuration and user acceptance testing to ensure correct impacts on the Workday financial system
  • Ensure timely involvement and approval by key finance stakeholders of functionality development plans, including internal control considerations


  • 5+ years related work experience in accounting and finance systems and process improvement.
  • Proven track record of career growth showing an initiative to expand in responsibilities and skill sets in Accounting and Financial Systems.
  • Knowledge of Workday Financial Accounting Software, Adaptive, PRISM or similar is advantageous. Ability to work within multiple software applications. Certifications and strong Financial Systems analytical and Excel skills required 
  • A well-organized and self-directed individual with ability to organize and manage multiple priorities. Skilled in problem analysis and resolution and possess a strong attention to detail. 
  • Ability to communicate clearly with all levels of management, external and Internal stakeholders, and employees in a global environment. Ability to successfully navigate large organizational politics, a team player, and a strong individual contributor. A decisive individual who possesses a "big picture" perspective.


Department:  Accounting

Reporting to Financial Systems Manager

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